Who Are We?

Jews for Rael are Jews who have decided to take part in the Raelian Revolution. Being Raelian imparts full meaning to our Judaism and enables us to be part of the true Chosen People, those who are active, universal and loving. We work toward the good of all human beings at all times.

We recognize the Elohim as our Creators – not as a single, immaterial, ethereal, all-powerful god but as scientists – note use of the plural – who came from a distant planet ages ago and created all life here. (These facts are accurately depicted in Genesis, but they are reported there in rather simplistic terms since our ancestors lacked our current understanding of scientific technology.)

We Jews for Rael are committed to building a Third Temple of joy to welcome the Elohim in Eretz Israel upon their return. And we have recognized Rael as the Messiah, so we study His teachings, which are the New Talmud.