We Call Upon All Jews

- To wake up each morning with the sincere and renewed will to bring love to all human beings.

- To refuse all expressions of passive old, dusty Judaism and always put modernity and science before tradition.

- To work for progress, peace and world prosperity rather than for selfish, community, family or individual interests.

- To fight against all discrimination that is implicitly accepted or even supported by the community.

- To open your hearts and beds to all, no matter what their ethnic origin: in other words, to make love and have children with non-Jews, thus transferring Jewish genes to all humankind, and participating to the blowing up of our peculiar, hypocritical and disgusting Jewish racism.

- To refuse newborn males to be genitally mutilated, sparing them to loose thousands of sensitive nervous receptors and a great deal of sensibility on man’s most pleasurable organ.